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Installation the Death of Art - Tara Vatanpour

Original Signed Installation Piece the Death of Art

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Original Installation Piece from the Exhibition "The Death of Art", October-November 2019 with Saachi Art Gallery. This item is a piece of the installation, if you wish to have the total installation, please contact us to make your offer. 

10x15cm - Broken Ceramic Pieces (broken in anger), golden wire, nail.

About the exhibition : "The Death of Art" was an installation that took place in October 2019 in London, before the COVID-19 series of lockdown, and curated by "We Are Sweet Art", presented and hosted by Saatchi Art Gallery. The collective exhibition gathered around the concept of death, and its meaning in Contemporary Art. In her part of the exhibition, Tara Vatanpour decided to gather around the idea of remains and memories, how death can be perceived through what is left, rather than disappearance, horror, or celebration. Tapping into her own experience of loss through varied complex trauma and immigration experience, the artist talks about how the dead memories are sometimes the only proof of what once was or what one once experienced, like a sacred proof, to be cherished despite its own darkness. 

Who is this piece for ? This piece is for anyone at all, and would moreover suit perfection young collectors trying to have unique pieces that will gain more importance in a few years, especially since this one is an original, signed, and exhibited.